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Links + Comments on The Misery of Men

Nikolai Klein • Ashland, Oregon • January 18, 2015

"There is great solace to be found as well in the long term friendship of men, a language of support infused with the knowledge of such misery."


Why are men so angry? • The Guardian • Jessica Valenti • 2014

"Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them."


Lynn Charlton-Blore, friend • Wales, UK • June 6, 2015

responding to Dominique Nahas' essay on John Tomlinson for the drawing BIG show he curated and in which he exhibited, June 12 to July 4, 2015:

"...and now I see through a glass darkly - love that haematite/ obsidian squeakiness sheen quality of graphite like a bloodline mirror. Would work well printed in glass and even layered John. Ha like a coney island house of mirrors stretching each emotion...fabulous integrity here John -it's the resonance of the brush strokes and calloused calculation of the fingers.


Leonard Cohen

"I have learned, writing songs, that more is intimate the more we talk about personal issues and the more it becomes universal. ...the feelings of a person become those of all."


Matthew Smith, friend, Barryville, NY,  former New York City Police Department patrolman, quote from Counting the Days by Leslie Rutkin: AuthorHouse, 2012 (memoir of his incarceration during the Knapp Commission investigation-1970)

" 'A close, intellectually intimate relationship between men is a rarity,' he writes, 'an almost priceless expression of emotion seldom expressed in western culture. The fear of homosexual involvement among men pervades even the most basic of relationships - that is, father and son. My inability to express myself to my father and vice versa leaves me to conclude (unscientifically) that our society inhibits intimate male relationships. From my own experience the thrill of a close relationship with another man is so satisfying and fulfilling that I've often pondered whether physical involvement would enhance an already "complete relationship." For me, unlike P___, I don't feel I have to give something physical to reach the zenith of a male bond.' "


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